Creature Effects Inc.
Mechanical Horses
With over 20 Years of experience we provide the most reliable and sophisticated line of mechanical horses in the industry.
We specialize in
Lifelike Movement

On set

Lone Ranger

On Set

A Million Ways To Die In The West

On Set



Our mechanical horses are equipped with durable long lasting technology that can be used in the toughest environments on the most remote sets.

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A Little About Us

Inspiration Can Be Found Everywhere

Creature Effects, Inc. is an independently owned business that produces animatronics and makeup effects for film and television. The company was founded by Mark Rappaport in 1990 after many years of creating puppets and makeup for other effect houses. Mark’s experience producing effects for ILM, Chris Walas, KNB, Stan Winston and running the creature shop for the independent branch of Paramount Pictures known as Full Moon Productions gave him the expertise to generate outstanding effects through his own facility.

         Feature film projects include: The Last Samurai, I Am Legend, 300, True Grit and The Lone Ranger. Creature Effects creates much more than creature makeups and puppets. We have an extensive “For Rent”, inventory of ultra-realistic human baby and animal puppets that we have created over the years. Our designers create innovative conceptual artwork, sculpture and mechanisms to bring the visions of directors and producers to life.

Our Horses in Films

The Revenant
Last Samurai
Lone Ranger
True Grit
Monster Truck
Beauty and the Beast
A Million Ways to Die in the West

and many more.